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Aymii Couzelis
CEO, Culture Innovator, Public Speaker

Aymii is a former technical engineer and C-suite executive with over 20 years of leadership experience.  At her previous company, MediFit, she enjoyed working with Fortune 500 companies to develop their corporate wellness cultures. In 2014, Aymii and co-owners successfully sold MediFit and she now dedicates her time to helping innovative organizations elevate their culture.  She loves to work with executives and engineers to deepen and develop their own versions of the company culture and strengths that led to her success.  


Aymii hosts an influential weekly Facebook Live called “Insights with Aymii” and enjoys being a public speaker at a wide variety of venues.


She also play ice hockey...a lot.

Mark Strand
COO, Culture Innovator, Storyteller

Mark's unusual background bridges his experience in the arts and the corporate world. His education in fine arts and method acting colors his unique approach to corporate culture innovation. With over seven years in banking, he is familiar with organizations at the operational level, including best practices, compliance, and management.

He enjoys connecting with people and helping them find their path.

Mark's love of travel and outdoor adventures led to his time in the Carolina Lowcountry as an interpretive naturalist and continues to influence him today. 

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